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Musings on a Holographic Universe

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Where does thought come from? Are we part of a collective 'cosmic' consciousness? What did Carl Jung refer to with his notions of a deep psyche? Are we trapped in a matrix or does consciousness belong to something that's much more deeply woven through the fabric of time and space?

Science has long asked the question..."do we live in a computer simulation?" Entrepreneurs have thrown huge sums of money at the problem to determine if we live in a synthetic 'Matrix style' AI computer generated simulation...

...But what if the algorithms that run such lines of code aren't synthetic at all? What if the nature of thought and the truth of our deep psyche have genuinely celestial origins? Recent findings in cutting edge 'Nikola-Tesla-based-physics' are beginning to show us an answer to that question. I've personally had a few musings on how the esoteric mystery traditions have been fully clued in on these secrets for millennia. These Musings were recently triggered by Eric Dollard's 2018 'Musical Seismograph' presentation; where he demonstrated and described the blueprints for a Tesla-based 'Magnifying Transmitter':

These blueprints -- based on Dollards 4 quadrant theory of electricity -- reminded me of old renaissance artwork or Tibetan mandalas depicting the 4 humours of Greek medicine:

Renaissance artists would sometimes depict a unicorn as the central image unifying the 4 humors. The unicorns horn representing the pineal glands ability to pierce the veils of illusion to experience the mystical visions of a deeper reality. If the pineal gland is equivalent to Dollards magnifying transmitter, what then is the signal the pineal gland amplifies? I've come to the conclusion that its the stars and planets themselves that create the mathematical algorithms the pineal gland uses to render reality. Looking at an astrological ephemeris, it certainly looks similar to lines of code a software programmer might use to synthesise a virtual world. Is the dimension of time a software code made up of planetary transits? Could the Sumerian 'tablets of destiny' have been written by astrologers who knew how to read and understood this language of time? and make predictions of the future based on the signal the code would be generating at those future events? People often say we live in a holographic, virtual reality... but is the signal for that virtual reality created naturally? through 'the music of the spheres'?

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