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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The Ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, was one of the last Western initiates to be trained in the Egyptian mystery traditions at the Great Pyramid of Giza. After his training, one of the philosophies he promoted was the concept of 'Metempsychosis', the ancient Greek belief in the "Transmigration of Souls", which in essence is no different than Tibetan understanding of the souls journey through the cycles of Samsara. The idea is that a soul chooses to reincarnate as a way of gaining diverse experiences. They believed that souls emanate from stars, and when we die, like bees returning to the hive, our soul returns to its home-star with the nectar of gnosis we acquired while living on the physical plane.

Plato elaborated on this theme where he told the story of a warrior called Er, who travels to the immortal realm. While he is there, he sees metempsyschosis happening. The souls of the dead are congregated, choosing new bodies to inhabit—animals choosing to become different animals, men choosing to become other men, birds choosing to become human, and even gods choosing to become heroes. When the soul has decided on its new home, it was told to drink from the River Lethe and then sent down to earth to be born anew.

During the renaissance, this philosophy found its way into the hands of the medieval robber barons and oligarchs of the Italian renaissance. The book 'The Game of Saturn' describes how the elite banking families sought to abuse this sacred science for personal gain and the accumulation of power. Another book 'Uriels Machine' describes how sacred sites such as stonehenge and Newgrange in Ireland, were constructed to help aid and direct this reincarnation process, bringing it under our fully conscious control.

Central to this sacred science was astrology.

To learn more about this ancient art, you can do so in a personalised manner. Not only do you get an introduction to the inner workings of how these ancient theurgical practices were understood by the ancient Egyptians, you'll also get to see the importance of your own planets through the lens of this sacred philosophy.

Your astrological character analysis will consist of 9 parts and will be a resource you can refer to again and again as you dive deeper into the subtler nuances of your astrological character. You'll receive a report that covers these 9 essential areas:

  1. Aspect Patterns - What's the big picture theme of your chart?

  2. Your Personal Kabala - Assessing your golden triad of self-development ‘Asc-Sun-Moon’.

  3. Outer Planets - Your Shadow Values (gifts evoked from the ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’).

  4. Chart Ruler/Chart Master/Part of Fortune - Your charts most influential planets.

  5. Dignified Planets - Innate talents that come easy to you.

  6. Debilitated Planets - Talents born of hard work and determination.

  7. Motivation System - Understanding the role of Jupiter and Saturn - What gets you going and what holds you back?

  8. Personal Planets - Your relational values (Mercury-Venus-Mars)

  9. More aspect patterns - Important points of power — harnessing untapped potential.

To order an astrological character analysis, send an email for further details to:

Price: £45 (can be sent to the above email via Paypal. Although it's best to email first with your chart details or to ask any questions)


Accurate birth data is essential. This includes, not just 'date of birth' and 'birth location', but also 'Time of Birth'. Without an accurate time of birth, you'll still find invaluable information in this report, but the results won't be as accurate as they could be with more precise data.

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